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Trio UZDAH draws its origins from the childhood songs of the singer Katarina Vukadinovic in Serbia.

Through their oriental sonority, those songs were associated with the time to the ottoman culture that dominated the region for centuries and could be of Spanish origins that migrated to the Balkan countries along with the migration imposed by the invasion by catholics of the iberic peninsula in the XVth century.


UZDAH finds its inspiration in this Mediterranean music with a rich and complex past, to suggest a personal interpretation between writing and improvisation.

Katarina Vukadinovic, singer of UZDAH is multi-skilled. She grew in an atmosphere of musical diversity of Serbian but also Bosnian and Macedonian traditions.


This led her to follow lyric studies, to learn tango out of curiosity and to sing the Balkans by origin.

Jean-Baptiste Gaudrat, co-founder of UZDAH and major musician travelled across the Blakans, lived in Bulgaria and Istanbul, understood the sensitivities of this region and learned its different musical cultures. His instruments are the clarinet and the guitar.

Nicolas Gallardo explores different instruments belonging to different eras and there he is with charango, luth, hurdy-gurdies, Vielle, oud and guitar.

UZDAH performs in Trio but also in Quintet where the violin joins with the excellent Elie Kusmeruck who, in parallel of classical conservatory studies, learned since her very first childhood the oral tradition of the Eastern European music : Gipsy, Romanian and Bulgarian.

The accordion is also present in the quintet with the very good Julien Mery who presents, with the group, a show in the frame of the tradition, rich improvisations, beautiful voices and joy !

Quintet Uzdah au festival de Jerash, Jordanie, 2018
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