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commNprod International is the fulfillment of my long history with traditional music and my conviction that I have a duty of transmission.


Created in 2008, commNprod International quickly sought to become a vehicle to bring together different worlds through artists and their art. With the help of my extensive network in the Arab world and in Europe, I have used my experience and my knowledge of the field to turn commNprod into a bridge that introduces talents hitherto unknown on both sides of the Mediterranean.


What sets us apart? Our deep knowledge and understanding of the territories where we are active, our respect for our audiences, and our total commitment to the worlds of our artists who bewitch us with every performance. We believe that ignorance is the source of fear and distrust, while knowing others is the source of tolerance. We seek to unite through culture and encourage people to accept, appreciate and share differences.


Our artists are our partners in our mission to relay culture. They are the driver that confirms the audiences’ aspiration to receive and discover. They are inseparable from the success of our projects.


In culture we unite !

Nayla A. Khalek

nayla daniel.jpg


Salle de concert

The different musical universes that we offer to our customers bring added value to their existing programming.


At commNprod, everything is quality: Whether it’s the relationship with the artists and the organizers, the services provided and the impeccable coordination of events, the technical, artistic, and logistical follow-up at the concert venues, the interaction with media in host countries or the unfailing assurance of seeing an entranced audience who is thirsting for more…

Image de Slim Emcee

There is total trust between commNprod and the artists we represent.


We attempt to meet all the demands of our bands to the extent possible and our work conditions are strictly observed. Transparency is also a key word, and we ensure the serenity of artists, so that they only need to focus on the excellence of their performance.


A strong friendship is formed which we hold dear, and we constantly strive to provide our best efforts to ensure the best results.


CommNprod has a universe of its own with which artists identify. If you feel like you are part of our project, join us.

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