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She presents herself as follows: 40 years old, 1m55, Sagittarius and Franco-Lebanese.


Coco Makmak is an actress who embodies many characters whose comic snippets of life are regularly discovered by Internet users on social networks where she brings together more than 250,000 followers!

There is Coco : the young single forty-something her mother absolutely wants to marry, Raya: the archetype of the superficial Lebanese, Mona the prude and very politically correct, Mrs. Dominique, the French friend who is trying to integrate into the group, Nagi : the stereotype of a daddy's boy, and finally,
there is the star, the funniest of all, the Mother Makmak, a caricature of the typical and caustic Lebanese mother.

These characters are created, filmed and performed by one and the same person, Coco Makmak, who succeeds in these reels to give life to his humorous universe.

A universe that she was able to convey to perfection in her new show KARAKOZ ! A breathtaking show, commensurate with her talent, where all the themes are approached with spirit and without double-talk.

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