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Tasos Georgopoulos was born and raised on the island of Cephalonia in Greece and from a very young age he was involved in composing forms of traditional and folk music of Greece, considered  one of the most skilled Lavta (Greek traditional Lute) players in Greece.


His has many cd publications and participations   (e.g. Lost Island, Kite, Rebeletiko “Monastiraki”) and several Digital Singles.

Rebeletiko is a Greek Folk musical conspiracy.

Using traditional Greek instruments, they "conspire" with the sounds of rebetikas, Smyrnaeans, and all kinds of folk music from mainland and island Greece to the coasts of Asia Minor and Pontus.

They travel everywhere leaving traces of Greek music not to stand out but to unite.

Jazzmakam Athens Orchestra compose and play music based on the aesthetics of the memory that was stored for centuries in the stone of Greece. Their music  listen to the silence and sorrow of the people who expressed themselves for so long through music and songs.


The harmony of Jazz creates a background in which the monophonic traditional melodies of Greece travel, sometimes improvised and sometimes in a strictly Doric way

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