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Although music had always been a passion rooted in her, Nano did not take her gift into account until the war in Syria taught her that life is worth living.


His passion for music then becomes the most precious thing there is. Enthused by Nano's talent, her mother quickly found her a vocal coach in the person of Arax Chekijian, still at her side today. Every Wednesday, Nano crossed war zones to get from Homs to Damascus, with the sole aim of taking a few hours of private singing lessons.


Subsequently she succeeded in integrating the Berklee University of Music in Boston. A first step in his dream quest. There, Nano is enrolled for 7 consecutive semesters on the Dean's List - an academic distinction used to recognize the highest level of aptitude - and obtains the Professional Music Excellence Award, a rare award, at the height of his talent. Nano thus becomes the first Syrian to graduate from Berklee.


After his studies, Nano will have the honor of sharing the stage with the world-famous group Pink Martini. She will also open the Nexus 2018 Spring Meeting for Security and Development.


A committed artist, Nano will perform with UNICEF in September 2019 in support of a lawsuit filed by 16 young activists, including Greta Thunberg, against five states involved in the perpetuation of the climate crisis.

In addition to his 14 years of piano lessons, Nano studied architecture in Aleppo (Syria), town planning in Leeds (England) and took town planning courses in Canada. Singer, author and composer, Nano grew up surrounded by traditional Arab music but appreciates other musical genres just as much, giving her art a constant search for fusion of melodies and rhythms. His ultimate quest: to share his art across the world.

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