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Dr Mubarak Najem studied music at an early age in Bahrain and started to compose successful songs for Bahraini singers at the mere age of 13, beginning this journey to becoming one of the most prominent composers in the region.


After completing his high school diploma, he continued his musical studies at Cairo Conservatory and graduated in 1981.


Then in 1988 he travelled to the United Kingdom to study music at the Royal Marines School of Music in Deal and obtained several certificates from it and from other British musical schools such as Royal Academy of Music (LRAM), Royal College of Music (A.R.C.M) in London.


In 2010, he received his doctorate of arts from the Cairo Conservatory and in October of 2017 he obtained his second doctorate of Arts from higher Institute of Folk Music in Cairo.


Major General Mubarak Najem currently serves as the Director of Music of the Ministry of Interior’s Bahrain Police Band to which he has been instrumental in the growth of its popularity and reputation in Bahrain and abroad, participating in events, conferences and festivals around the world.


For his achievements he received many prestigious local regional and international accolades, royal medals of honor and certificates of appreciation.


Dr Najem has been working on the traditional music and songs of Bahrain and released two CDs, “Orchestral Bahraini Tunes” and more recently a valuable project, not only in the arab world but also internationally : “Traditional Bahraini Women’s Songs”, an orchestral work inspired by the authentic songs of women in the Bahraini pure tradition.


These works have been played and recorded with the Bulgarian Symphonic Orchestra

ترى الليل – التوزيع الأوركسترالي د. مبارك نجم | Taral Lail – Mubarak Najem
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