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Manuel Delgado was born in Barcelona,  spanish city of music and arts. He started playing guitar and flamenco very young, lived in Andalousia and then chose Paris to be his second home.


In 1985, he recorded his first album and in 1988, he participated as a solist in the first Paris « Flamenco Guitar Festival ». He worked with famous flamenco groups such as the 'Contratiempo' in Madrid and 'Soniquete' in Paris. 



In 1994, he created his group 'Aqua Flamenco' and more recently, his “Manuel Delgado Flamenco Grupo”. Nine musicians, singers and dancers with great talent, making the publics of the world enjoy and appreciate every minute of their pure traditional flamenco show.


Manuel just released his new album "Bellamar".

Flamenco Andalusia - Manuel Delgado
Manuel Delgado Flamenco Grupo et Curro Piñana invité d'honneur au chant
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