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Malouma is the first mauritanian artist to introduce modern mauritanian music.


Back in 1998, with her first album 'Desert of Eden', the public had the pleasure to discover in Malouma a talented musician, composer and interpreter, with an exceptional voice.


Her music is a mixture of traditional and modern sounds where she melds western styles to the Moorish music of the Sahara and adds electric guitars to traditional instruments such as the four-string lute-like "tidinit".


Anchored in the tradition yet resolutely modern, inspired by the songs of the desert and immersed in the rhythms of the Senegal River, somewhere at the crossroads of West Africa, the Arab and the Berber worlds, between the Sahel and the Savannah, Malouma's music is unique.


Malouma is also known as a militant singer, spokeswoman for women rights. She was elected to the Mauritanian Senate in 2007 but decided lately to come back to her musical career and her public.

The Mauritanian Movie Song - Salatou Rabi - by Malouma mint Meidah / Live Performance
Maalouma Bent El Midah "ya Habibi" يا حبيبي -- معلومة
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