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Lisa Simone is the daughter of Nina Simone... Two letters made the difference and the recognition thanks to her first so personal album "All is well", a timeless groove on selected words presented by a singular and powerful voice rooted  in the afro-american culture and lands.


Writer, composer and interpreter, Lisa Simone, the singer with the soft and radiant smile reveals her story in the universe of a famous mother, a sad and revolted star.


Eight of her personal compositions would have waited several years, such as “Child in me”, before they became part of the CD that summarizes the complexity of an existence eager of missing words.


It took Lisa a long time before she applied her name on stage, a name so narrowly linked to a youth made of uncertainty. After she was artistically recognized by her peers in the United States, Lisa fell in love with France, just like her mother did, mainly after a magical stay in Paris where she participated in the Paris Jazz Festival. The concert was outstanding.


In 2013, Lisa decided to move permenantly to the French Provence in the same house where her mother, Nina Simone, lived the last years of her life and where the shutters remained closed for a long time…

The story of the Simones is still ongoing...

Lisa Simone - "All is well" - Live session
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