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Founded in 1881 by Charles Lamoureux, a big admiror of Richard Wagner’s music.


It is thanks to the Lamoureux Concerts tha the French discovered for the first time Lohengrin, in 1891. The following decades witnessed the French repertoire presentations. Debussy and Ravel respectively granted him world creations of The Sea, the Concerto in Sol, Valse and of Bolera in the concert version.

Its history is also linked to big names such as Leonard Bernstein, Paul Paray, Igor Markevitch, Jean Martinon, Yutaka Sado, its honorary director Michel Plasson, Yehudi Menuhin, Pablo Casals, Arthur Grumiaux, Clara Haskil, Jacques Thibaux, Karine Deshayes, Nathalie Dessay…


Since some time, L’Orchestre Lamoureux developped in parallel to its musical seasons, a panel of cultural actions : The baby Concerts, The Musical Workshops, Children on stage…


Faithfuly to its tradition in creativity and contemporaneity, L’Orchestre grants its attention to popular musicians and singers such as Rita Mitsouko, Didier Lockwood, Richard Galliano, Catherine Lara, Agnès Jaoui, Jean Birkin, Derrick May, IAM, Ed Banger Records, in order to support them with a big symphonic orchestral sound.

Almost one century and a half after it started, L'Orchestre Lamoureux is writing a new chapter of its story with the creation of the Lamoureux Chamber and its first concert, 100% Mozart, presented as a World Première in the parisian Salle Gaveau.


This new Chamber Orchestra, directed by Hugues Borsarello on violin, reflects the musical achievement of the orchestra and the expression of its musicians' will to reveal itself to its public in transparency and authenticity. 

This intimistic musical configuration will allow the interpretation of a varied repertoire, close to the public, promise of an undisputed innovation. To this aim and others, L'Orchestre has entrusted its keys to the violin solo Hugues Borsarello who will lead it safely and surely.

Extraits concert de l'Orchestre Lamoureux
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