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Ky-mani, a fitting name for a charismatic artist whose East African name means Adventurous Traveler.


Born in February 1976 in Falmouth, Jamaica, son of Bob Marley and Anita Belnavis, ping pong champion. Ky-Mani lost his father at the age of five, leaves his homeland to settle with his mother in Miami.


He had a humble and simple life, and saw his brothers and sisters only in summer.

Fond of sports, he plays music with his friends without big ambition until one of Bob Marley’s old producers noticed his talent. He drove him to the studio where, a short time later, he recorded “Dear Dad” in tribute to his late father whose memory is always present.

In 1996, at the age of twenty, Ky-Mani released his first album « Like father like son ».


Eleven remakes of Bob Marley’s songs and eleven instrumental tracks. Huge success. 1999 saw the release of “The Journey” between R&B and Hip Hop.


In 2001, « Many more roads », more classical, more reggae, this album was nominated to the Grammy Awards. Two releases followed : “Milestone” and “Radio”. Ky-Mani acquired fame in the USA mainly thanks to his collaborations with world famous groups such as the Fugees.

Accomplished singer and musician, Ky-Mani developped as well his acting talent by playing leading roles in popular television series.


In 2010, the day of his father’s 65th birthday,  he released his autobiography entitled “Dear Dad”. His collaboration with the Reggae producer Don Corleon confirmed the multi talented Ky-Mani whose career looks rich and promising.

Representatives in Near and Middle East, Gulf countries, North Africa and Turkey - In coopertion with GLP

In cooperation with GLP

Protoje  ft. Ky-Mani Marley - Rasta Love (Official Music Video)
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