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Issa Hassan, a lebanese musician of kurd origins was born and grew up in Lebanon where he permanently heard lullabies and children's songs.


At the age of 15, while he was discovering France and mainly Paris, he had a revelation: Issa wanted to become musician.


He chose the Bouzok, a rare instrument descending from the big family of « Tanbûr » luth with a long sleeve. This instrument goes back to the Xth century , to the Al Farâbi era (Al Kitâb al Musîqi al kabîr). Its sonority, cristalline and appealing is, according to Issa, the most faithful interpretation of his country's musicality.


 Issa's performance showed a real virtuosity, a sensibility and an originality initiated by the perfume of his travels and visits of the world.


It is thanks to the diversity of his journey that his musical performance is enrooted in the tradition but yet  modernity of expression.


Issa invites us to accompany him till the deepest orientitude. He knew how to mix, in an unprecedent style, jazz and flamenco with his music. His collaboration with different musicians gave birth to a number of interesting albums.

Issa - Dilo ez bimrim.wmv
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