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Curro and Carlos Piñana, two brothers, well-known artists, Curro, singer and Carlos, guitarist. They come from a family of great musicians in the spanish region of Murcia.


Grandspon of Antonio Piñana Senior, patriarch of the “Cantes Mineros” and sons of the well-known guitarist Antonio Piñana Junior who was their first guitar teacher.

Curro and Carlos perform together and individually and bring to the traditional flamenco a new touch. 

Curro Piñana  has grown up in a flamenco environment where his grand father and father were directly involved in this popular art.


He has a B.A in Psycology and a Masters degree in musical research from the University of Murcia. He combines his work as a teacher of history, sociology, aesthetics of flamenco and flamenco singer in the Superior Conservatory in Murcia with his lectures all over Spain and the world.


His father is a guitarist and his brother Carlos received the Bordón Minero (the guitar award) in 1996. 


Curro has an ambitious personality willing to search and explore new flamenco directions. He adapted several poems and texts to the flamenco style and won many european and international awards mainly from different Spanish official institutions.


He released six successful CDs demonstrating a deep knowledge in styles and a genuine talent for music.


The introduction of piano in a pure traditional flamenco show is a new and rich concept, a special sound that enchants the public.

Carlos Piñana holds a degree from the Murcia Superior Conservatory of Music and a Masters Degree in Musical Investigation from Murcia University. 


He belongs to a family of great flamenco tradition as he is the grandson of Antonio Piñana, patriarch of the “cantes mineros” and his father is the well-known guitarist

Antonio Piñana Junior. Carlos received numerous awards and performed in the most important cities of Europe, the Americas and Asia and took part in several projects with important musicians and symphony orchestas from the world.


He has released seven CDs and published a score book

“Mi Sonanta” with RGB Arte Visual.  He has written film soundtracks and composed, directed and interpreted the music of many shows. He also composed the music of “Romeo y Julieta” for the Compañía Murciana de Danza.


Currently Carlos combines his work as a performer with his activity as a professor of Flamenco Guitar at the Music Conservatory of Murcia, is the headmaster of the International Academy of the Foundation “Cante de las Minas”, and the Director of the Murcia International Guitar Festival.

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