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commNprod Films, a cinema subsidiary of our company, aims to provide support and concrete assistance to talented young filmmakers through the co-production of promising short and medium-length films. 

In collaboration with "l'Éternèbre Productions", commNprod Films rigorously selects each project and accompanies films to national and international festivals.


We also co-organize festivals of Arab and world cinemas in order to promote the cinematographic talents that are just waiting to emerge, despite the many constraints they face.


October 17 at the New Morning, Paris

7-9 rue des Écuries, 75010 Paris

Master instrumentalist Ahmet Aslan is coming to Paris after a long time as part of his Europe tour.  


Ahmet Aslan is known primarily for his virtuoso playing of his self-created instrument Di-Tar (a cross between the bağlama and classical guitar) and for his intimate singing. He gives his own interpretation of Anatolian folk music in an acclaimed manner.  


An accomplished musician, Ahmet Aslan experienced his breakthrough through the use of his music in the popular Turkish series Eşkiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz. In 2003, his solo album was released entitled "Va u Waxt" (Wind and Time), followed in 2008 by "Meleklerin Dansi" (Dance of the Angels).  

Ahmet Aslan
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At the Rotterdam World Music Academy, he developed a unique instrument: a combination of the classical guitar with the Baglama. You can hear the instrument (Di-Tar) at his upcoming concerts. His latest album "Budala Aurası" contains songs that clearly show the excellency  Ahmet Aslan has developed his music. 

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