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Italy Memory and Soul !

“L’Appuntamento” is a journey in the heart of the vast and rich italian songbook and childhood’s heritage, a world of souvenirs and nostalgy, of lyrics and tunes that are printed in our memory and soul.

The Italian singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cece Giannotti immediately adopted the project Initiated by Nayla A. Khalek - commNprod International - and started, along with the dutch bass player Joan Composada and a group of excellent musicians to work on granting a new life to this precious repertoire. He brought his modern spirit and his know-how, rearranging these everlasting and eternal classics into different sound styles from Blues to Jazz, from Folk to pop, though maintaining faithfully the original acoustic essence and flavor.

Throughout his career, Cece Giannotti shared stage with Tina Turner, Kiko Veneno, Loquillo, worked with Iggy Pop, John Cale, Marc Ribbot, Rhonda Smith, bass player of Prince to mention a few. He also performed in many world festivals and released seven albums, produced records and wrote music for TV shows and radios.

The first “L’Appuntamento” concert takes place in Paris - New Morning, 7-9, rue des Petites Écuries, Paris 10 - Sunday June 5, 2022 at 20.30


An “appointment”not to miss !

appuntamento poster.jpg

Co-production : commNprod International and Cece Giannotti

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