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Obviously, Lisa Simone is the daughter of Nina Simone…


Two letters marked the difference and earned him recognition thanks to this very personal first album: “All is well”, a confidence on timeless groove and chosen terms, all served by a limitless voice, rooted in African-American soil. .


Author, composer, performer, Lisa Simone, the singer with the sweet radiant smile reveals a story in the universe of a star mother, sad and revolted.


Eight of his personal compositions will have waited years before being engraved, such as “Child in me”, written a few years ago and which alone sums up the complexity of an existence and the emptiness of missed words.


For a long time Lisa could not add her first name to her stage name, which was too closely linked to a lackluster youth.


After the artistic recognition of her peers in the United States, Lisa falls in love with France, as in her time her mother.


During a magical stay in Paris, she comes to play as part of the Paris Jazz Festival. The concert is masterful.  


In 2013, she settled permanently in Provence in the house where Nina lived at the end of her life and reopened shutters that had remained closed for too long.  

The story of the Simones has not finished being written ...

Rebeletiko is a Greek Folk music.

Using traditional Greek instruments, the musicians "conspire" with the sounds of rebetikas, Smyrnaeans, and all kinds of folk music from mainland and island Greece to the coasts of Minsor Asia  and Pontus. They travel everywhere leaving traces of Greek music not to stand out but to unite.


After many searches, Rebeletiko presented our first album entitled "Monastiraki".

Jazzmakam Athens Orchestra composes and plays music based on the aesthetics of the memory that was stored for centuries in the stones of Greece. Their music  listens to the silence and sorrow of the people to whom for so many years,  music and singing were the means of expression.


The harmony of Jazz creates a background in which the monophonic traditional melodies of Greece travel, sometimes improvised and sometimes in a strictly Doric way.

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