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Ali Ghamsari  is one of the most prominent and prolific composers among the upcoming generation of Iranian musicians. 


His music honors the traditional style of Radif while reflecting the voice of the people and the complex, delicate beauty of the world and times we live in.


Ali is a multi instrumentalist, displaying mastery of Tar, as well as playing Setar, Divan and Guitar.

In 2014 he was awarded ‘Best Instrumentalist of the Year' by the Iranian Academy (musice ma) as well as being nominated for Best composer of the year.


Ali graduated from musical school of Tehran and The University of Iran. 

He has established three ensembles: ‘Sarmad,’ ‘Hamnavazan e Hesar’ and ‘The Iranian string quartet’ and has toured across the globe giving concerts and masterclasses on modern Persian composition.


To date Ali has released over 14  albums of original music and contributed to numerous others.  He is the founder of the Institute for Persian Music in Tehran and Professor of Composition Persian Music Theory at The University of Tehran.

Member of Peace builders group which contains wonderful musicians from different countries. 

Ali Ghamsari - Ham Tan | علی قمصری - هم تن
Ali Ghamsari & HamNavazan-e Hesar | بخشی از کنسرت آنلاین علی قمصری و همنوازان حصار
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