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At commNprod, everything is quality: Whether it’s the relationship with the artists and the organizers, the services provided and the impeccable coordination of events, the technical, artistic, and logistical follow-up at the concert venues, the interaction with media in host countries or the unfailing assurance of seeing an entranced audience who is thirsting for more…

Bridge with Gargoyles


Base in Nice, in the french Riviera, commNprod international aims to be a bridge connecting different worlds and their different cultures. We select our artists, and they in turn choose us, because of the deep respect that each of us has for his vocation.

Our objective is to make known to the audiences of East and West the richness of the two worlds, in order to create a true knowledge of the other and forge a unity around culture. Ignorance carries fear, and we can only achieve tolerance and friendship by discovering the cultural treasures of the other.


Beyond the representation of artists commNprod international creates from scratch real “concept-concerts”. Projects imagined and produced by commNprod, with the aim of presenting a unique scenic and musical experience to our audiences who, wherever they are, experience the same emotions and react with the same intensity, as if geography and borders disappeared in front of the communion of souls and the spell of hearts.


CommNprod has a universe of its own with which artists identify. If you feel like you are part of our project, join us.

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